Joe Gilbert, the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, is running to represent the state of New York in the 21st District.

This country has been good to me and my family I am proud of our American traditions.  However, there seems to be a growing concern among the people that government often seems to be working against us rather than working for us.  We delegate Constitutional duties to our federal government to do only three things.  Follow the Constitution, respect our civil liberties, and protect our citizens.

The Democratic leadership has made many promises of hope and change but those policies have only led to higher health care costs, stagnant job growth, and more infringement of civil liberties by placing Americans in harm not only abroad but here in America.  This isn’t the liberalism our founders visioned for America.  They wanted limited government, strong State’s rights, and for individuals to pursue their dreams of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I like to quote Ronald Reagan’s views of liberalism, conservatism, and libertarianism to show that conservatives and libertarians are seeking the same thing.  Limited government, individual liberty, and respect for rights.  

Whereby liberalism has impressed upon America that government gives rights, liberty, and economic security we begin to see the hollowness of that promise.  Today our economy is stagnant with more people relying on the government, our health care system isn’t focused on patients, our higher education is too expensive for everyday working families, and finally our foreign policy isn’t effective and costing us financially and more importantly with American lives.

I see this as a challenge however and welcome it as an opportunity to lead.  I’ll work hard for the people of New York and the citizens of America to bring prosperity into our communities by supporting small business growth, bringing back to the table a health care choice that is focused on patients, cutting corporate taxes to bring investment back to our country, and finally fighting to make sure our nation is strategically independent around the globe.

It’s time to represent the real people of this country and create a vision for the future that provides security and economic opportunity for every American.  I’ll need your help please join our campaign or donate today.  We can do this together.

Joe Gilbert